• A Wind breaker. I know T-shirts, shorts and flip-flops, that’s why you selected Vallarta for holiday. And it is going to be hot and sunny don’t worry. But consider what type of adventure you might select? Early departures? On the bay in a boat? I definitely was glad I packed a windbreaker the morning I went off to sea to listen to Humpback Whales.
    • One “semi-formal” outfit. I know, many of you really don’t want to dress up on vacation. But I say one night, try it. For men a jacket (linen) and for women ladies, pick something special from the closet. Why? Puerto Vallarta has some of the best dinning in Mexico. And one night I recommend you eat well and dress well doing it. When you look your best, fine food becomes the finest.
    • Beach Towel Ok, you think, I can get one at the hotel or even buy one. Yes, you can. But you want to explore the forty beaches of Puerto Vallarta, and it never hurts to carry a towel for an impromptu swim. And also, you will want one to wrap up the bottle of tequila you are destined to take home in your suitcase. Vallarta is in the state of Jalisco, and Jalisco is the home of tequila. You’ll be hooked if you aren’t already.
    • At present we do not accept credit cards, you can transfer money from your PayPal account. Under the “Rates” tab of this website, you will see the PayPal button at the bottom. Choose the amount of your deposit or payment, and you will be taken directly to PayPal’s website. And you don’t have to have a PayPal account – you can simply enter your credit card information securely on their website, and you will instantly be provided, by email, with a receipt and confirmation number from PayPal, confirming your payment to us.
    • How ever Payment by Pay Pal shall be the last resort, since it will take 7 to 14 days for the money to be credited to our account. So if you are looking for an immediate booking confirmation you should choose to mail a Draft, Certified cheque or Cashiers Cheque in U.S $$. Further the commission charges are high and exchange rates are not attractive compared to bank rates.
    • It helps to know that Puerto Vallarta / Nuevo Vallarta is on the same latitude as the Hawaiian Islands. The temperatures and humidity are very constant through the year, reaching 30-32 C (86-90 degrees F) during the summer, and 26-28 degrees C (79-82 degrees F) during winter months. While the rainy season is July to September, the rain normally falls in short bursts, most often at night, with most days remaining hot and dry.

      It is crucial to note that while Nuevo Vallarta can be hot and humid (that’s why we love it!), the condo enjoys continuous cooling and relaxing ocean breezes. While you might be quite hot when in town or sheltered from the ocean breeze, you will find the perfect mix of heat and breeze while sitting at the condo balcony, pool side or under the palapas at the beach.
  • Renting a car is not necessary in Nuevo Vallarta. The town is about a 15 minute bus ride, and the local buses are very frequent, also sharing taxis can be used. There are taxis available at all times and the fare is fixed and reasonable. Paradise village shopping complex is 10 mnts walk or hope on to the free shuttle service with in community from 7 A.M to 7 P.M every 20 mnts to shopping centre, El Tigre golf course, fitness centre and beauty Spa.
    However, if you wish to do any exploring of the neighbouring locales (Puerto Vallarta, Sayulita, San Pancho, Bucerias etc.), a vehicle will be necessary.
  • Yes. Condo has a private parking for our guests who own or rent a vehicle.
  • Taking the bus to Bucerias or Puerto Vallarta is both easy and entertaining. It can sometimes be likened to an extreme sport. You don't need special gear, but please hang on, you're in for the ride of your life. Taking the bus within town is around $6 pesos.

    To get to Puerto Vallarta, the price is $12 pesos and it takes you to within walking distance of the Malecon. Simply look for a bus with CENTRO painted on it. Getting back is a little tricky. Take a bus to WallMart for $6 pesos, then take a bus to Bucerias for $12 pesos (there are no transfers).

    TIP: You might need to flag a bus down for them to stop and bring exact change if possible.

    You may have onboard entertainment. Sometimes an individual will get on to the bus and will sing, play guitar or just try to entertain, which of course is based on tips. If you enjoyed the show, feel free to tip a few pesos.

    Taking the bus from Nuevo Vallarta » To Puerto Vallarta: 12 Pesos
    » To Bucerias: 6Pesos
    » To Sayulita: 12 Pesos
    » Any where in Puerto Vallarta: 6 pesos

    However, there are plenty of “mini-supers” (small, well-stocked convenience stores) close by, and a trip into Puerto Vallata is not necessary.

  • Depending on traffic flows (which can be heavy on weekends), Puerto Vallarta is approximately a 15-20 minutes drive from Nueo Vallarta. Of course, if one takes the bus, it is considerably longer – closer to half an hour.
  • The buses in Nuevo Vallarta and Puerto Vallarta are quite regular, and very inexpensive (about 50 cents per trip). However, they are smaller than the large public transit buses one is used to, so that makes them sometimes slightly crowded.
  • One of the best features of the beach is that there is virtually pure sand, with few if any rocks to be found. Upon entering the water, the depth recedes very gradually. Twenty yards out and the water is only chest high in depth. There is nothing but velvet sand underfoot. A lapping type surf is to be found, which results in NO undertow.

    There is literally miles of beach unimpeded by any rock outcroppings or jetties to stroll and explore.

    There are many other beachfront properties advertised in the Puerto Vallarta area. However, the beach at many of these properties can be just a small ribbon of sand followed by an area of rock – yards wide – both above the surface of the water and BELOW the surface. Not suitable for comfortable swimming.

  • Yes. As owners, we enjoy cooking, and have paid special attention to making sure our kitchen is well-equipped with every conceivable cooking gadget. There is brand new fridge, dishwasher, as well as a microwave, electric range/oven, and of course coffee maker & toaster, every thing new.

    In addition, we try to keep basic dry goods stocked as well – coffee, sugar, salt, spices, etc

  • No problem. We have the pool side restaurant which serves popular as well as the authentic Mexican dishes.

    The on site beach club restaurant & bar will cater your needs by friendly waiters beside the pool

    • The Playa Royale property complex is completely secured with high walls and 24 hour security. Access from the beach is by card access. The building itself is very quiet and offers beautiful ocean views from the third floor balcony. What is more, at the beach there are private seating area right in front of the complex, with huts/Palapas for the exclusive use of Playa Royale residents or guests.

  • Authorised tour organizers are available in Paradise village shopping complex, you could make your bookings with any one of them. Paradise village shopping Mall is with in walking distance from the condo. Free shuttle service is available with in community from 7 A.M to 7 P.M every 20 mnts to shopping centre, El Tigre golf course, fitness centre and beauty Spa.

    The shopping mall has many fabulous restaurants, boutiques, starbucks, grocery store with beer, wine, liquor, bank with ATM machines, car rentals and medical clinic.

  • Get in touch with your embassy or consulate .

  • There is lots of shopping in Nueo Vallarta. There are a large number of small shops, many mini-supers, and a public market selling traditional Mexican goods. However, you will not find “name brand” stores in Nuevo Vallarta – this is a small new Mexican town, after all.

    For those looking for the larger stores, there is a brand new Wal-Mart in Mezcales, the town between Nueov Vallarta and Puerto Vallarta.

    For those looking for “high end” shopping, Puerto Vallarta (especially the stores along the malecon) offers it all.

    • To begin, our property is kept in extremely good condition, and is well and frequently maintained. However, we do understand that things sometimes do go wrong.

      In case you have observed any emergency repairs which needs to be done like water leakage, dripping taps,electrical fault, light/fans, A/C not working please inform the front desk for attending and they will ensure that any problems are sorted out.

    • Our condo boasts two Sony LCD HDTVs, for those looking to "get away from it all". We subscribe to SKY satellite service. While primarily a Spanish feed, there are a large number of English movie channels, as well as HBO, CNN, sports channels, etc.

      There is also a DVD player in the condo, as well as a varied selection of DVDs. Bring your own if you like – this is a Region 1 player, so will play (but play only) North American DVD’s.

    • The water from the tap in the condo is filtered and purified with in the complex facility. For the peace of mind of our guests, however, we have immediate requirement of bottled water provided.

    • Taxi from Puerto Vallarta to Nuevo vallarta

      If you are at the Puerto Vallarta PVR Airport, you can take the Airport taxi (Federally licensed). You will see the booth straight ahead once you leave the glass doors where arrivals come out.

      Tip: After getting your luggage and heading towards the taxi stand, avoid speaking with the aggressive vendors before crossing the sliding doors (even if they look official - they are Timeshare People (you may not be to keen on actually sharing your vacation time as much as their position indicates). There is an official taxi booth where you can buy tickets once you enter the airport. Again...before you reach the sliding doors, timeshare people may shout out and offer a taxi ride but they are hoping to spend some time with you regarding what they are offering.

      Airport Taxies
      Airport to Nuevo Vallarta - $ 250 Pesos
      Airport to Bucerias - $ 350 Pesos
      Airport to La Cruz de Huanaxatle - $ 450 Pesos
      Airport to Punta de Mita - $ 950 Pesos

      OR if you cross the highway from the Airport in Puerto Vallarta on the footbridge with your luggage, you can take a City Yellow Taxi (Airport taxis are priced higher, but somewhat more convenient).

      City Yellow taxi will cost about $150 pesos from the airport to Nuevo Vallarta. You can also get a Taxi for $250 per hour (1/2 or full day discounts available).


      TIP: Get a price BEFORE you enter into the taxi. Drivers often get a kickback for recommendations, so you might not get the best advice for restaurants and bars. See our Restaurant guide here


      Listed below are a few of Puerto Vallarta finest restaurants. Some of México’s most delicious food can be found in Puerto Vallarta.

      Plan on dining out often and you will discover a favorite new restaurant and Mexican cuisine dishes with amazing flavors. We have tried to be as complete as possible. As time passes we will be adding to the list.

      Downtown 100% Natural: Phone - 011 52 (322) 223-2974
      Agave Grill: Phone - 011 52 (322) 222-2000
      Bebotero: Phone - 011 52 (322) 113-0099
      Carlos O´Brian´s: Phone - 011 52 (322) 222-1444
      Chez Elena: Phone - 011 52 (322) 222-0161
      Cilantro´s: Phone - 011 52 (322) 222-7147
      De Santos: Phone - 011 52 (322) 221 3090
      El Arrayán 011 52 (322) 222-7195
      El Palomar de los Gonzalez 011 52 (322) 222-0795
      Espresso Ristorante: Phone - 011 52 (322) 222-3272
      Hacienda San Angel: Phone - 011 52 (322) 222-2692
      Hard Rock Café: Phone - 011 52 (322) 222-2230
      La Bodeguita del Medio: Phone - 011 52 (322) 223-1584
      La Dolce Vita: Phone - 011 52 (322) 222-2204
      Los Xitomates: Phone - 011 52 (322) 222-1695
      Mi Querencia: Phone - 011 52 (322) 222 7701
      Outback Steakhouse: Phone - 011 52 (322) 225-4906
      Paradise Burger: Phone - 011 52 (322) 222-2328
      Peking Restaurant: Phone - 011 52 (322) 221-0420
      Piaf: Phone - 011 52 (322) 224-1053
      Pie in the Sky: Phone - 011 52 (322) 223-8183
      Si Señor: Phone - 011 52 (322) 113-0064
      Taco Burrito King: Phone - 011 52 (322) 223-5490
      Tapas Barcelona: Phone - 011 52 (322) 223-0831
      Tarantino´s: Phone - 011 52 (322) 224-3939
      The Blue Shrimp: Phone - 011 52 (322) 223-1840
      Trio: Phone - 011 52 (322) 222-2196
      Viejo Vallarta: Phone - 011 52 (322) 222-8558
      Vitea Ocean Front Bistro: Phone - 011 52 (322) 222-8703
      Isla Rio Cuale Le Bistro Jazz Café: Phone - 011 52 (322) 222-0283
      Le Gourmet: Phone - 011 52 (322) 222-0450
      River Cafe: Phone - 011 52 (322) 223-0788
      Old Town Andale: Phone - 011 52 (322) 222-1054
      Archie´s Wok: Phone - 011 52 (322) 222-0411
      Angelo´s: Phone - 011 52 (322) 223 2088
      Boca Bento: Phone - 011 52 (322) 222-9108
      Brasil Steakhouse: Phone - 011 52 (322) 222-2909
      Cafe Bohemio: Phone - 011 52 (322) 223-4676
      Cafe de Olla: Phone - 011 52 (322) 223-1626
      Cafe Maximilian: Phone - 011 52 (322) 223-0760
      Casa Naranjo: Phone - 011 52 (322) 222-3518
      Coco Tropical: Phone - 011 52 (322) 222-5485
      Daquiri Dicks: Phone - 011 52 (322) 222-0566
      Joe Jack´s Fish Shack: Phone - 011 52 (322) 222-2099
      La Palapa: Phone - 011 52 (322) 222-5225
      La Piazzetta: Phone - 011 52 (322) 222-0650
      Memo´s Pancake House: Phone - 011 52 (322) 222-6272
      Paris Café: Phone - 011 52 (322) 222-8472
      Sr. Frogs: Phone - 011 52 (322) 222-5171
      Vista Grill: Phone - 011 52 (322) 222-3570
     Presently the Social Member  ship is not available to guests. Expect for Tennis and Golfing all other facilities the guests could use at the Paradise Village  including the Beach club resturant at the complex on beach side.  
     Yes there is a safe provided in the condo. The comination will e provided to the gests once the condo is booked
     Yes there is a hair dryer provided in the Master ensuite.
     Yes there is private Wifi available in the condo. The ser name & password wll be provided to the guest once the condo is booked.
     The beach towels are not provided by the service provider as a part of the rental, how ever if requested the service provider will provide the beach towels at a very minimal cost, ( 40 Pesos/Towel ) 2$$ or so.
     It is to be noted that VRBO is just an internet advertising agency which recently has been sold to Trip advisor. These adverising agencies do not own the Condo or any vacation rental and it is the owners who are responsible to you for renting the condo. These advertising agencies offer the sun and the moon in order for them to generate revenue for themselves. They are always coming with various schemes for the owners which utimately will make money for the them and charge the renters. They also advertise that they provide insurance coverage for the renters and the real fact from reviews that i have seen, in not even a single case these advertising agencies has covered the costs incurred or reimbursed the money to the guests where there were genuine issues . Of course on top of advertised rental charges by the owners these rental agencies add 10 to 15% as service charges to the guest depending on the rental amount. 
    So there is no advantage for the guests to pay through these advertising agencies other than paying a 10 to 15% higher amount than the rental they could have had if booked directly with the owner. How ever one thing most reputed advertising agencies do is to verify the property and authentisity/ownership of the owners.
    As far as our property is concerned we own the property and we will require the rental to be paid directly to us and we do not accept the payment throgh any third party.